Current Competitors

Doberman Pinscher
DOB 5/7/04
Teammate - Nicole Bailey

NATCH-12/Versatility NATCH-5 Destiny's Drop Dead Red CDX RE AX AXJ XF MXP MJP MFP WAC PD1 PG1 PK1 PR1 Triple Superior Versatility, Elite All-Around, 10,000 Point Award

AKA DUCKIE, Duck-Duck, Luxxie-Duck!

Achievements: 5th place Round 2 Touch-n-Go 20+ 2007 NADAC Championships, 2007 NADAC Top Ten - #9 Tunnelers Dog, 2010 NADAC Top Ten - #10 Chances Dog, #2 Doberman in NADAC for 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011, #1 Doberman in NADAC for 2012.

Luxx is my sweet red girl! She is my constant shadow, always present no matter where I go. Her quiet devotion is a constant reminder of just how special she is, as hard as it may be to be the "middle child" dealing with Mojo and Jinn. She has quietly achieved many great things, often times unnoticed in their shadow. I love her so very dearly.

She has her own website HERE

Photo courtesy of Barry Rosen

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