Current Competitors

Golden Retriever
DOB 9/21/03
Teammate - Priscilla Warnock

NATCH-4/ Versatility NATCH Hillside's Hot Rod Lincoln, OSV, NSV, Triple-Triple Superior, Elite Versatility Open All Around

Achievements: 2010 NADAC, by breed - Goldens #1 Regular & Touch n Go, #2 Chances, #4 Jumpers, #5 Hoopers & Tunnelers & #6 Weavers

2009 NADAC by breed- Goldens #1 Regular, Chances, Jumpers, Touch n Go & Tunnelers, & #5 Weavers

2008 NADAC by breed - Goldens #6 Tunnelers

2007 NADAC by breed - Goldens #4 Regular, #8 Jumpers, #9 Touch n Go

Lefty was born at Hillside Goldens, located on a beautiful farm in North Potomac, MD. His occasional Zoomie, and never wanting to miss a chance to say hello to anyone in the ring that he has not met yet, has earned him the title “The Ambassador of Good Will”. He is the first dog I have ever competed in a sport with and although we’ve had our challenges, I would not trade this experience for anything! He has taught me patience, timing, agility, broadened my sense of humor, and oh, did I mention the patience part?! He’s a great side-kick for my husband and I! His motto is “work hard, play hard and have FUN!” and is always eager to try anything new and always with a big smile!

Photo courtesy of Cindy Knowlton

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