Current Competitors

Doberman Pinscher
DOB 8/29/09
Teammate - Nicole Bailey

NATCH Andalin's Dance on Fire CD MX MXJ XF CGC S-EAC S-EJC S-ECC S-TN-E TG-E WV-E S-HP-N, Triple-Triple Award 2,500 Point Award

Jinn, also Djinn or Genii.: In the Koran a class of beings, both male and female, between angels and human kind and represented as being created from smokeless fire, abounding particularly in desert places.

Popularly Jinn are regarded as being able to appear to mankind in the form of domestic animals or of human beings of gigantic size, the benevolent ones appearing in beautiful shape, the malevolent in horrible guise. Jinn delighted in punishing humans for any harm done to them, but people who knew the proper magical procedure could exploit them to their own advantage.

Jinn is my funny girl. She is sweet as can be, loves her family fiercely and never leaves my side. She makes me laugh every day, reminding me never to take life too seriously. Her oral fixation has her constantly relocating my shoes, bras, remote control and any other number of household objects, often outside! We had a tough start in agility, she just had such a hard time focusing in the ring. But with time and patience she is really starting to bloom and come into her own as an agility partner. I am having a great time on our journey together!

She has her own website HERE

Photo courtesy of Priscilla Warnock

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