Current Competitors

Toy Poodle
DOB 5/25/10
Teammate - Phil Ulerich

Arndt's Copper Ulerich

I found Phil’s house when I was about 12 weeks old.  I injured my leg the first day jumping over stuff and wore a splint for the first 2 weeks.

That’s all behind me now.   We did “Out” and walked the  plank in the living room by 16  weeks.  After 2 AKC trials I got my Novice Jumpers and Novice Standard titles and then we were old enough for USDAA.  In the next seven months I earned my way into the Masters ring.   Debi will be so proud, this weekend (10-07-12),  I did 5 wraps in one snookers run to earn my first masters title, Snooker Master.   I always enjoy the Pawzazz trails and  aspire to be a champion in three venues like my Great  Uncle Rusty.  NADAC is so spacious, fast and so much fun.  I especially like Chances.

We also find time to work with Fidos for Freedom as a Therapy Dog.  I visit hospitals  and greet the folks stuck inside and away from their family and pets.  Everyone agrees that I’m the cutest guy, especially when I travel with my friend  the Mastiff!

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