Current Competitors

Mini Aussie
DOB 11/9/05
Adopted - May 13, 2006 (6 months old)
Teammate - Leanne Lohmeyer

NATCH-3 Versatility NATCH Cody Triple Triple S-EAS, S-ECC, S-EJS, S-TNS-E, S-TGS-E, O-WV-E, S-HP-E

Cody has been listed as a Top 10 mini aussie in NADAC in all 7 classes (being #1 or #2 in 6 of them :-)  

I feel very blessed to have Cody, a miniature australian shepherd, as one of my agility teammates. He is my second agility dog and he is far exceeding any expectations I had when I adopted him from a rescue organization in Cleveland. He has taught me so much - trust and how to be a better handler are the first things that come to mind. He is a truly amazing little dog. And oh, by the way, he is completely deaf.

Photo courtesy of Priscilla Warnock

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