Current Competitors

Shetland Sheepdog
DOB 5/11/06
Teammate - Valerie Embrey

Val & Linda's Chloe Joey S-NAC, S-OAC, S-NCC, S-OCC, S-NJC, S-OJC, S-TN-N, S-TN-O, TN-E, S-TG-N, TG-O, S-WV-N, WV-O, S-HP-N

I first saw this sport on Animal Planet. I’ve always wanted a Sheltie, and to give this sport a try. I found a breeder in West Virginia, and I brought her home the weekend of July 4th, 2006. Chloe is my little firecracker, and I’m having a BLAST! Team Pawzazz is an awesome club to be a part of, as we have the best support in our instructor’s and other teammate’s. It’s so much more fun to compete in this sport, than to watch it on TV!

I have now become an Agility Junkie! I love this sport, and so does Chloe! We had fun in Shelbyville, TN, competing in the NADAC Championships in September! Chloe and I took 2nd place in Open Regular!!!  

Photo courtesy of Priscilla Warnock

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